About Us

About Us

Kerasma or Κέρασμα is the gesture of offering or treating a guest with handmade delights.

Our philosophy on food is “real food for real people”. Commodities used to prepare our menu are sourced from local and international reputable suppliers and prepared daily on the premises by hand by real Chefs.

The Kerasma logo

The Kerasma logo was created on the island of Cyprus in the winter of 2009.

It is a unique one of a kind icon designed and drawn by the hands of a direct descendant of Royal Byzantine Iconographers who fled to Cyprus after the fall of Byzantium in 1453 AD.

Every symbol and design on the Kerasma icon including the letters has been chosen from the holy icons that once adored the walls of Ayia Sofia in Constantinople.

The Colours used hold symbolic meaning and are typical of Byzantine style .

Gold is divinity, purple is royalty and green is life.

About the Chef

peterPeter Michael is an Australian born Greek Cypriot chef whose love affair with food started at a very young age. Growing up in a family of hungry people his career path was clear.

Peter pursued his love for the cooking by starting his apprenticeship with Chef’s Carmello Chipri and Joeseppe Defrancesco at Rick Damelian’s cafe/restaurant in Sydney’s Leichardt.

On completion of his culinary arts certificate he continued his journey to a more specialised field of seafood at the multi award winning Seafood Restaurant in Cronulla, Reflections. After the success of Cronulla restaurant he was offered a leading position at the new Bayblu seafood restaurant in Blakehurst. Where not only was the leader of the kitchen brigade but in charge of the whole outlay of the new restaurant.

Peter’s passion for the culinary arts then attracted him to the complex world of patisserie and pursued to complete a Master’s Diploma in patisserie, confectionary, sugar craft and couverture at the world renowned Le Cordon Bleu culinary arts institute.

With his new found knowledge of the pastry world Cyprus was his next stop. Peter spent many months working in traditional and Modern Greek Cypriot kitchens and touring many well-known and remote towns, villages and monasteries of new and old Cyprus learning, cooking and documenting the importance and evolution of Greek Cypriot cuisine and most importantly pastry and the country’s rich cultural and religious bread history.

On his return to Sydney Peter was commissioned as Executive Chef and director of GPO Restaurants and bars at NO 1 Martin Place Sydney, where he spent time refining venue concepts & development and the overall running of this multi award winning complex.

Throughout this time Peter was lecturer of culinary arts and patisserie at TAFE NSW sharing his love for gastronomy to young and upcoming apprentice chefs.

Currently Peter is Executive Chef and director of Kerasma Souvlaki Merchant Newtown.

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